About Us

Prolific Watch Company was created to combine our love for black excellence & black culture with our love for quality timepieces. There is no other brand that solely designs watches that pay homage to the many pioneers of black excellence. We wanted to luxuriously honor those that have dedicated themselves to advancing our beautiful culture. 

Prolific, being synonymous with abundance, luxury and extravagance, was created with the regality of  our ancestors in mind. For centuries, black culture has supplied multitudes of extraordinary contributions to the world at large. Our ingenuity has exponentially trail-blazed since the very beginning of time and it continues to do so.

Our goal is to share the truth:
Black Excellence is Prolific.
Excellence is Timeless.

We want our opulent timepieces to be a visual illustration of that very fact.

Be Dauntless.
Be Powerful.
Be Exceptional.
Be Prolific.

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