Meet The Owner

There is no doubt that the visionary of this noble brand is deeply versed in the customs, humanities, social norms and arts of the African-American community.


Tiffany “Tee” Weaver hails as a native of New Orleans, of the greatest cultural epicenters in the world.

Tee Weaver is now a resident Texan who brings with her the embodiment of intersectionality that affords her an uncanny ability to be a great connector of humanity.

Tee has invested the better portion of her life as an informal horologist of sorts through her avid watch collecting and watch retail sales.


Her dapper style and pristine swagger paired with a deep appreciation for eclectic watch styles birthed in her the desire to curate Prolific Watch Company, a brand that is richly rooted in paying homage to iconic figures of Black Excellence.

Tee Weaver is without a doubt an unparalleled creative in her own right and inarguably a force in the watch brand community.    

The timepieces created are Tee's opportunity to share with the world a visible byproduct of her passions.

While wearing your Prolific Watch Company timepiece, always be reminded that:

Black Excellence is Prolific.

Excellence is Timeless.